About Me

I'm a freelancer and graphic design is my profession. I use computer applications such as adobe photoshop to create awesome designs that attract viewers at first glance! "photoshop means a lot to me."


I'm 27. Currently live and work in Kabul city but orginally I come from Sar-e-pul province. North, South, West or East, all over Afghanistan is my home.


I've earned my bachelor many years ago. I also have completed some English courses. About my design, mostly it's self-tought of course, but I think desing is in my soul!


I've worked for many companies and organizations. Currently I work in Muslim Printing Co. as a graphic desinger and beside that I'm also a freelancer.


Although in Afghanistan future is a vague, unclear, pixlated image of low quality, but I believe that we can make it BRIGHT!


Book Cover Illustration

Innovative book designs can highly impress readers and attract every viewers. I design book covers that make your book look awesome.

Book Cover Illustration
Magazine Design


The new TREND in magazin design should compeletely replace the traditional way of design. When I say a new TREND I mean "Giving a soul to designs, thus making them alive".


Your business can improve vastly, provided that your commercial brochures are designed in new design trend.

Brochure Design
Logo & Business Card Design

Business Card & Logo

Your business card is your identity. It gives you reliablity. I do the business card designs and my designs make your company different!

My Works

Here are some of my latest works:

Barrasi khoshunathay-e-Khanawadagi

Adelaye esbate da'wa

Blood stain

Daramadi bar tamadon-e-Eslamis


Ghanon-e-Ejra'te jazayi

Juma neshiniha

Guluno godaruno

Hefazat-e-Mohite zist

Gostareye naghd-e-Adabi

Negin-e-Adabe aama

Dar gostareye she'r wa adabe farsi

Contact Me

If you dare!

Vali-e-Asr St., Barchi, Kabul, Afghanistan

(+93) 784 285 599

(+93) 796 747 344